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Why we do it

Nguyen Duc Trung's story


On  27  Dec  2007,  Trung  was riding home from school with  his  father  on  the  family’s motorcycle.  As usual, he was wearing the Protec helmet he received through AIP Foundation’s Helmets for Kids program.
About 300m away from the school, he arrived in a narrow intersection with limited visibility. While crossing the road, Trung’s motorcycle was hit head on by another motorbike coming from the opposite direction. Trung and his father fell from the motorbike, which had been traveling at the speed of 30km/h. Trung’s head hit the road and his shoulder crashed into the pavement.  
Though his father was unharmed, Trung was bleeding from minor injuries.  His helmet was severely dented where it hit the pavement; however Trung did not suffer from any head injuries.
After recovering at home for two days, Trung returned to school with his friends. “The helmet saved my life”, Trung said.

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