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What we do

Public Awareness Campaigns


AIP Foundation launched its first international caliber public awareness campaign in 2007 in partnership with the Vietnam Helmet Wearing Coalition (VHWC), a group of private corporations, NGOs, multilateral and government partners dedicated to raising awareness of traffic safety. Between 2007 and 2009, AIP Foundation designed and implemented two national campaigns targeting adult and child helmet usage, resulting in the passage of mandatory helmet laws for adults and children over six years old. 

AIP Foundation’s public awareness education uses mass media to disseminate information about road safety, helmet use and helmet wearing.

Program components include:

  • Media outlets include TV programs and public service announcements, newspaper ads, posters, flyers, billboards and the internet to promote helmet use
  • Events that promote helmet wearing and provide information on helmet use
  • Celebrity endorsement to spread the message of our campaigns to a broader audience

A meaningful intervention

Public awareness education is a powerful tool to elicit to social change.  As children and young adults modify their behavior based on the education they receive, we create a new generation of safe road users, altering the landscape of the country’s road traffic environment.

Results include:

  • Decree 32, mandatory helmet law for adults (2007)
  • Decree 34, mandatory helmet law for children (2010)
  • 12% decline in traffic fatalities and 24% decline in traffic injuries


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