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What we do

Kids wearing Helmets

Helmets for Kids

Motorcycles have become the primary mode of transportation for work, school and leisure in Southeast Asia, but helmet use has not increased accordingly. Tragically, a significant number of young children are being killed every single day due to serious head trauma caused by motorcycle accidents. Helmets for Kids tackles the issue of helmet use among children by bringing a road safety curriculum to primary schools, using a cartoon mascot to improve children’s perceptions of helmets, raising awareness to combat harmful parental misconceptions about child helmet use, and donating international standard helmets to students. While we cannot change the ways and means of transportation, we can make a difference in a child’s life by providing them with a helmet and the knowledge of how to use it.

Michelle Yeoh and kid

Public Awareness Campaigns

AIP Foundation has enlisted the help of international celebrities and government media channels to run poster campaigns, television commercials, public concerts, and other information dissemination methods to bring news of the importance of helmet use and traffic safety to the attention of both the government and society.


Pupils wearing helmets

Traffic Safety Education & Engineering

As part of AIP Foundation’s multi-faceted approach to improving road safety, we went beyond revising traffic safety legislation and providing access to effective safety equipment, to foster behavior-changing education. Recognizing this, we designed and produced a comprehensive Traffic Safety Education curriculum for the primary school system of Vietnam. Further, we have helped make physical changes to the layout of schools and surrounding crosswalks to make children’s paths to class safer.

Protec Helmet Factory

Protec Helmet Factory

Completed in May 2002, the nonprofit Protec helmet factory is a modern manufacturing plant that aims at producing high quality, affordable helmets that address the needs of Vietnamese and South Asian consumers. It has developed the first “tropical helmet,” tailored to the lifestyle and safety needs of motorbike users in Asia. All products are tested and certified at an on-site testing laboratory and adhere to all mandatory standards.

City traffic

Legislation and advocacy

Through a strong relationship with the National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC), AIP Foundation advises on legislative issues and advocates for effective policies on helmet use and traffic safety in Vietnam. We also heavily support increasing the enforcement of the compulsory helmet law and have advised the Ministry of Public Security on this important national issue. Successes in this area include securing and fast tracking the passage of Vietnam’s mandatory helmet law and fruitfully lobbying for it to be expanded to include an enforceable mandate on child helmet use.

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